Hair Color Trends 2022

Spicing your look up for this year is easier than you think though, and that’s because so many of the biggest hair trends coming out of salons, debuting on the runways, and being spotted on your favorite celebrities and influencers are decidedly mellow, fairly low-maintenance, and all about working with—rather than against—your natural color and texture.

These Are the 7 Hair Color Trends That Will Matter in 2022.

Tonal Terracotta.

The Cool Down

Pretty Solid.

Be Bold

Color Full

Rooted Blondes

Color Contrast.

What are Le Joli Salon hair color services?

This service is for clients wanting to neutralize unwanted pigment in the hair, tone down highlights that have been bleached out by the sun or add a topcoat of shine.




tint coloring hair
gloss hair coloring
hair coloring highlightds
  • Ombre Highlight

  • Balayage Highlight


All  one Color

Creative Color

Color Correction

Red Touch Ups

Total Bleach Out

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